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The Lions Teeth: Sikh Artillery from the Anglo Sikh Wars

The Lions Teeth Sikh Artillery from the Anglo Sikh Wars.
1st April 2017: Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester

Another hard hitting lecture took place on the 1st April as part of the exhibition Anglo Sikh Wars Battles Treaties and Relics.

Neil Carleton, Senior Documentation Officer from the Victoria and Albert Museum gave a ground breaking account of the cannons and guns used in the Anglo Sikh Wars. He gave an account of how these cannons were manufactured to the places where many of these now reside in the UK. Neil explained the different types of Guns manufactured in the Punjab and also explained how the Sikh gun compared with that of the British one. Essentially the Sikhs were able to manufacture cannons that were superior to that of the British and whose range was longer as well. This gave an advantage in the Anglo Sikh Wars to the Sikhs however this also meant that the positions of the Sikhs were also easily identifiable.

Gurinder Singh Mann head of the SMI introduced the lecture. The talk was attended by people from all across the UK. There was a questions and answers session at the end. The programme was recorded and photography was undertaken by Punjab 2000 on behalf of the SMI. 

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