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About The Sikh Museum Initiative 

 The Sikh Museum Initiative (SMI) is the premier organisation in the UK which uncovers Sikh relics and artefacts. We undertake lectures, exhibitions and extensive fieldwork to bring out the rich history between the Sikhs and the British. We are unique in preserving heritage through 3d modelling, augmented reality and other new technologies. The core team is based in Leicester. 

Anglo Sikh Wars-Battles, Treaties and Relics

The project by the Sikh Museum Initiative (SMI) will focus on the Anglo Sikh Wars which took place in India between 1845 and 1849. It will consider the British and Sikh perspectives on this important chapter of Anglo Sikh history.

We will aim to research, document artefacts and relics held at regimental museums in the UK. These museums hold information and commemorate the wars independently but are not known to the Sikh community or wider public.

We will utilise 3D technology and augmented reality to recreate lost heritage related to the Anglo Sikh Wars. We will also research images /paintings/ manuscripts held in larger collections which will help support the project.  

This information will be brought together in an exhibition to be held at Newarke Houses Museum Leicester in 2017.

To become a partner in the project or to sponsor the initiative then contacts us.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)


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