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Sikh survey report 2016


Jas Singh, Dr Opinderjit Kaur and SMI’s Gurinder Singh Mann

25/11/2016 University of Wolverhampton
Hosted by the Sikh Network.

The SMI team were at the launch of the Sikh survey 2016. The findings from the UK Sikh Survey 2016, the largest and most comprehensive ever Sikh survey in the UK with over 4,500 respondents was released earlier today( 25/11/2016).

The UK Sikh Survey report is being sent to all Government Departments and MPs following the formal university launch in the West Midlands today by academics involved in analysing the results of the survey. Stakeholders from across government are in the process of being invited to a cross government ‘surgery’ next month, hosted by the Department for Communities and Local Government to tackle key issues emerging from the survey.


This data is important in understanding how Sikhs are perceived in mainstream society. This also leads to how Sikh heritage can be better understood to the general public at large. The findings were released at the University of Wolverhampton on 25 November. The event was attended by academics, politicians and many grassroots organisations. The survey report can be read at the Sikh Network website.

The Sikh Museum Initiative was in attendance promoting their project Anglo Sikh Wars, Battles, Treaties and Relics .

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