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First look at the interactive Anglo Sikh Wars exhibition

A brand new exhibition uncovering a hidden part of British and Sikh history will open in Leicester this weekend.

Anglo Sikh Wars will showcase relics from the 19th century wars that culminated in the annexation of the Punjab, and the appropriation of the Koh-i-noor diamond by the British. The exhibition is also thought to be the one of the first in the city to make use of new augmented reality technology.

The exhibition will showcase a number of items have never been seen in public before

3D modelling and augmented reality technology have been used to bring lost relics to life, and give members of the public a real insight into British and Sikh history.

The Anglo Sikh Wars Project was initiated over a year ago by the Sikh Museum Initiative, who have worked with various museums across the UK to uncover numerous items of relevance.

This has also seen the team researching objects in many Regimental museums, who have links to the British regiments who fought in the wars.

Gurinder Singh Mann, Head of Sikh Museum Initiative

Leading the project is Leicester scholar and historian Gurinder Singh Mann, who is Head of the Sikh Museum Initiative.

Speaking at the exhibition launch on Thursday 9th March, Singh Mann said: “This exhibition has, for the first time, brought together many items from the Anglo Sikh Wars in one place. A number of items have never been seen in public before, and will be seen for the first time.

“We have 3D modelled a number of key relics, from the Kohinoor Diamond to the Sword of Lord Hardinge. Our augmented reality set up showcases how we can advance our knowledge of history and heritage through new technologies.”

Anglo Sikh Wars will showcase a number of 19th century relics

The exhibition is at Newarke Houses Museum from 11 March until 4 June.

To find out more and see the programme of events accompanying the exhibition, click here.
Images by Matt Short
Published in the Leiceter Mercury website 12/03.2017 see original article

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