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Brave as a Lion book launch

Brave as a Lion Book launch
Wotspace, 3 Shires Lane
Highcross Shopping Centre
8th July 2017

Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough, is an interesting and controversial figure of the late Georgian and early Victorian British Army. He was commander and chief of the Briish Army who fought the Sikhs in the Anglo Sikh Wars.

A new book was released in Leicester on the life of Gough. Entitled BRAVE AS A LION: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FIELD MARSHAL HUGH GOUGH, 1ST VISCOUNT GOUGH, the author Christopher Brice has undertaken detailed research on his life with chapters devoted to the Anglo Sikh Wars.

Gurinder Singh Mann and Christopher Brice

The Sikh Museum Initiative exhibited their Anglo Sikh Wars Pop up exhibition at the event. The day also involved a Question and Answers session with Christoper Brice and SMI’s Gurinder Singh Mann on the subject of Gough and the Anglo Sikh Wars.

Christopher Brice, Gurinder Singh Mann, Shane Gough, 5th Viscount Gough

Special guest was Shane Gough, 5th Viscount Gough descendant of Hugh Gough. The event was arranged by John Coster and Helion books.

Listen to the Interviews of Christopher Brice, Gurinder Singh Mann and Shan Gough undertaken by Jas Minhas on Demon FM.


The book can be bought from Helion http://www.helion.co.uk/…/brave-as-a-lion-the-life-and-time…

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