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ASW project showcased at the Art Sikh event

The Sikh Museum Initiative represented at Guru Gobind Singh 350th birth anniversary art event

29th January 2017 Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick, Birmingham

A number interesting art works were on show depicting the life and history of Guru Gobind Singh.The tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Many artists from around the world had their work depicted at the show. Some of the artists attended the event and were able to highlight the motivations behind their creations.

Pictures courtesy of Punjab 2000

The Sikh Museum was present highlighting the Anglo Sikh Wars project Battles, Treaties and Relics.
The sangat were given flyers regarding the project as well as information on the the exhibition dates and events. One of the highlights of the event was the 3d touch tablet which showcased a number of works including the Charaina( Breastplate) of Guru Gobind Singh in 3d as well as a number of objects including a prototype of a brown bess gun which would have been used in the Anglo Sikh Wars.

More information at www.artsikh.com


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