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Artefacts from Anglo-Sikh wars on display in UK

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Chandigarh, March 19

An exhibition underway at Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester, is showcasing relics from the Anglo-Sikh wars.The wars were fought between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company in a series of battles leading to the annexation of Punjab in 1849.

The British were led by Generals who had fought in many military campaigns, such as the Napoleonic wars (1803-15), while the Sikh forces comprised remnants of the army created by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.The exhibition uses 3D modelling and augmented reality technology to bring lost relics to life. The Anglo-Sikh Wars Project was initiated last year by the Sikh Museum Initiative (SMI), which has worked with various museums across the UK.

The SMI was formed in 2015 by a group of Leicester professionals and volunteers to research and promote Sikh heritage in the UK.Leading the project is Sikh scholar and historian Gurinder Singh Mann, head of the SMI. Speaking at the exhibition launch recently, Mann said: “This exhibition has brought together many items from the Anglo-Sikh wars in one place for the first time. A number of items have never been seen in public before.“We have 3D-modelled several key relics, from the Kohinoor diamond to the sword of Lord Hardinge. Our augmented reality set-up showcases how we can advance our knowledge of history and heritage through new technologies.”

The exhibition, which will continue till June 4, tells the story of the battles through artefacts which were captured by British regiments, including swords, manuscripts, paintings and other objects from the battlefield.There is a parallel display at the University of Leicester, where copies of the Illustrated London News and other publications from the period can be viewed.


News story by the Tribune News service 19th March 2017.


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