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Sikh weapons and Anglo Sikh Wars exhibition

Sikh and Indian Weapons exhibition and Anglo Sikh Wars pop up exhibition

Part of Summersmagam 2017 organised by Sikhs2inspire

27th August 2017

Oakland Centre, Oakland Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B31 0NA

There was a weapons display by Wootz Militaria with talks on shastarvidiya, (sikh art of war) by Luvjinder Singh.There was a number important arms and armour on display including a Charaina (breastplate) most likely made by the same artisan who created the Breastplate of Guru Gobind Singh. There was also a number of swords, arrows and other important items of interest on display.

The Sikh Museum Initiative displayed their pop up exhibition on the Anglo Sikh Wars  alongside the touchscreen and  augmented reality interactive exhibits for everyone to experience. A number of rare portraits from the Sikh Empire and Anglo Sikh Wars were on display. Sikh scholar and historian Gurinder Singh Mann explained the history behind these important battles.  Taran Singh  gave an insight on 3d modelling and 3d printing of Sikh relics and artefacts and explained the process of how these models are created. The exhibition was also shown on facebook live.


It was an important occasion with many people visiting the exhibition. A number of Sikh dignitaries and religious preachers came and visited the exhibition.

The Sikh Museum Initiative would like to thank  Sikh2inspire in allowing us to undertaking our exhibition at this event.

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