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Visit to Worcester

The SMI made a visit to Worcestershire, Gurinder Singh Mann and a volunteer, Jasmohan Singh Obhi  went to see what artefacts and history was related to the Anglo Sikh Wars in this city. This was a visit which was necessary to help further highlight how widespread artefacts from the Anglo Sikh Wars are, in addition to negotiating and collecting the artefacts for display and 3D modelling.

The day began with a relatively short drive from Leicester. Prior to arrival, the SMI inquired about about the number of manuscripts, artefacts and relics from the Anglo Sikh Wars which would be available for access. Upon arrival SMI was introduced to the Curator-John Paddock who engaged in dialogue with the team about the significance of the 29th and 36th foot in Punjab during the wars. This dialogue was necessary for establishing a long term working relationship with the Mercian Regiment with regards to bringing the shared heritage between the Sikhs and the British out into the public.

Sikh artefacts on display at Worcester Museum. Image by permission of Mercian Regiment Museum.

The artefacts available consisted of a series of maps showing the positions of the Sikh and British camps during and after the first Anglo Sikh War. In addition to this there were battlefield sketches of the battle of Ferozeshah. Having limited time with the artefacts meant that it was necessary to photograph and record them to see how they would fit into the Anglo Sikh wars exhibition and wider project. Following this, the SMI team were given a tour of the Worcester Museum and Art Gallery which displays some particularly interesting relics. These included a Sikh Jacket or Coatee belonging to a chieftain’s son from the battle of Ferozeshah, flint, Sutlej campaign medals and muskets which were likely to have been used during the wars. Again, it was vital to record and photograph these artefacts for the Anglo Sikh Wars exhibition and other potential projects.

Sutlej Memorial at Worcester Cathedral

After a walk around the local area it was soon discovered that there was additional Anglo Sikh history in Worcestershire namely the Worcester Cathedral. This is the home of a monument dedicated to the soldiers of the 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment of foot who fought in the Sutlej during the first Anglo Sikh war.

Some of the relics and artefacts that were recorded from the visit were displayed in the Anglo Sikh Wars exhibition in Leicester in 2017.

Please see a short video of our trip to Worcester. Images from the Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum are by kind permission of the Mercian Regiment Museum, Worcester.

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